Digital Writers Workshop


"Visit the storymaking steps, transmedia digital tools, and the featured StoryKeeper's Gallery designed to inspire and jump start beginners. Consider hosting customize Workshops, Artist-in-Residence Programs or DigiTales Storytelling Camps."

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"You are invited to begin your own journey of being quite literally a STORYKEEPER - becoming someone who has crafted a multi-media sensory story, sending it like a message in a time machine to places far and wide."

TeachersFirst - Digital Storytelling
Collection of FREE Web2.0 tools for writers workshop

**Center for Digital Storytelling**
An international nonprofit training, project development, and research organization that assists youth and adults around the world in using digital media tools to craft and record meaningful stories from their lives and share these stories in ways that enable learning, build community, and inspire justice.

App Tutorials for Digital Storytelling
"This site will help guide you in what you need for success in the iPad Digital Storytelling classroom."

An 'Epic' Challenge!
An Epic storytelling challenge from the land downunder.

Apps in Education
Creating Books on the iPad
Epubbud Create your own iBook to share
Creating ePub files with Pages

ePub Best Practices for Pages.pages
How to Create a ePub for iBook from Pages
Tips and Tricks for the iPad

K-5 iPad Apps According to Bloom's Taxonomy
Series of blogs on edutopia about Bloom's Taxonomy and how to evaluate apps
This page is a WORK IN PROGRESS! Our grades K-2 list of apps we have tested at our school.
This page is a WORK IN PROGRESS! These are notes from our K-2 teachers and tech coordinator with messages about our current apps and iPads. Could be helpful so that you learn from our mistakes!
Escondido Union School District's iRead home page! FABULOUS source of information and support! Click on the iOS apps tab and BE SURE to subscribe to the -Free Apps Emails- (to the right, under "iOS Apps- Extra Support")
Reviews of apps for children. Opportunities to interact with app developers. You can subscribe to the email.